Construction Drawings

While writing a blog is something new for me, learning on the job is something I have been doing for 31 years and the Lord willing, it will continue for another 31 (wow, that means I will be 81 and still learning)

One would think that having a good plan would be the way to start a project.  Recently I have learned that a good plan is not enough.  You must have a detailed plan.

There are so many moving parts on a home renovation that if you do not have a detailed plan, miscommunication will raise its ugly head and try to turn the project upside down.  So what do I mean by a detailed plan?

Let’s take a look at a room addition for example.  No matter how long your contractor has been in this business or how many additions he has built, he does not know exactly what you want. After discussing things  with you for a while he probably has a good idea of what you are looking to do, but he does not know all of the details.  The details are typically spelled out in a set of construction drawings.

Things such as cabinet spacing, door swings/styles, floor finishes and the size of a closet are details that if overlooked will turn a project in the wrong direction.  While your contractor may be a great builder, he is not an architect.  A good set of construction drawings will keep your contractor, his subcontractors/employees and you the customer on the same page.  The cost of a construction drawing is small in comparison to handling issues that may arise if you do not have one.

-Philippians 2:4   “…look not only to your interest, but look to the interest of others”

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    The estimate we received from Coleman Construction was very comprehensive and during the “getting to know you” phase, it was clear to us that David and Michel were people we could trust.  Years later, when it was time to have our bathroom remodeled, we didn’t even bother bringing in multiple contractors.  We would highly recommend Coleman Construction to anyone.”

    Lee & Michelle
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    “ Coleman Construction came highly recommended from a friend and provided a reasonable estimate for the cost of our project. We were impressed with how David made sure everything moved smoothly and quickly and the quality of his subcontractors. “

    Patrick & Megan
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    David Coleman, with Coleman Construction, is the best in the business.  He did a fantastic job in helping us decide how to proceed and what our best options where to suit our budget.

    Charles & Wendy
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    David and Michel are the best team ever and we love the deck that they did for us.

    John and Cindy
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    Coleman Construction is my “go to” company for all my home renovations. They renovated my entire bathroom from floor to ceiling and I couldn’t be more pleased.

    Tim and Karen
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    We added a master bedroom and bath and were very happy with David’s work. His crew was responsive and helpful and polite. I always trusted David throughout the process and with good reason—he delivered what he said at the price he promised

    Warner and Cathy